The Future
of Government 2030+

A Citizen Centric Perspective on New Government Models

Specializing Master in Service Design -
Politecnico di Milano


From April to July 2018, The Specializing Master in Service Design of - Politecnico di Milano collaborated with the EU Policy Lab, together with other six design schools in Europe, as a part of the project “The Future of Government 2030+". A Citizen Centric Perspective on new government models”.

Hyper Neomunicipalism

The Schools involved were asked to develop new visions of how governments, citizens and the emerging societal stakeholders could imagine and design together “preferable” future government/governance models and practices, thus imagining and giving shape to new visions, artefacts and services. To develop these concepts, as part of a fictional framework happening on the city scale, the Specializing Master in Service Design developed the inspirational idea of Hyper Neomunicipalism.

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Concepts developed during the workshop


Rebirth is a data-driven system run by a private enterprise that enables international mobility.


The Consumption Show

The Consumption Show is a system that benchmarks and visualizes individual citizens’ waste, energy and water performance through an open dashboard.


Biotechnology Living Labs

In 2030 new hubs, communities and movements will emerge in pursue of the freedom to experiment with biotechnology. In collaboration with the government, they will obtain a “laissez-faire” environment where they can freely operate.


The Surveillance-Free Commune

In a future digital surveillance society, citizens will be profiled accordingly to their data by governments and businesses. In response, new self-organized and self-sustainable communities will emerge and establish "communes" where anti-surveillance practices are led.


Mayor Bot

An artificial digital agent based on big and open data. It can influence the decision-making process and suggest possible alternatives scenarios making the visualization and usage of data more natural for policymakers.



An EU owned data marketplace platform, for citizens and local communities, that enables them to regain ownership of their data, through a cooperative agreement between European Union and Big tech Corporations.


Erasmus³ - The Maverick Programme

This program engages youngsters into the civic and governmental decision-making processes of countries/cities where they are hosted for a residency period.


Innovation Ninja for Remote Areas

A system that allows urban and social regeneration of small villages in Remote Areas (RA) by channeling human and social capital.



  • Staff
  • Prof. Stefano Maffei
  • Prof. Beatrice Villari
  • Dr. Massimo Bianchini
  • Francesco Leoni
  • Aysu Sani
  • Participants
  • Lisa Cagnin
  • Rotem Fisch
  • Akanksha Gupta
  • Elisa Pirola
  • Jennifer Wieskopf
  • Theodora Karadima
  • Marcelo Ramirez
  • Giulia Mangolini
  • Erika Cortese
  • Chiara Piva
  • Simone Piuri
  • Giovanni Roccabianca
  • Alessandra Bari
  • Gianvito Fanelli
  • Davide Minighin
  • Elena Panciroli
  • Davide Susca
  • Sara Gabbioni
  • Special thanks to
  • Alejandra Abal
  • Martina Carraro