The service blueprint is one of the most technical and systemic tools adopted by service designers worldwide. It's a diagram/matrix that displays the entire process of service delivery, by listing all the activities that happen at each stage, performed by the different actors and roles involved. The aim of the ongoing pill, led by Chiara Monteleone, is to specifically provide students with insights, recommendations, and tips to create comprehensive service blueprints.

Thanks to the module, students will understand the basics of the blueprint tool and its effective application in a complex omnichannel scenario, taking into consideration the feasibility of the suggested solutions, beyond the quality of the overall customer experience. They will first-hand experience how to identify the appropriate SBP layout, define the level of depth needed to provide efficient solutions, and efficiently present them. The challenge is ascribed to the Financial sector, a field that had to quickly transform its day-to-day operativity, often implementing quick and dirty solutions to be able to perform and operate at their best, but some services are still unavailable or can be improved. Students will apply the insights learned by trying to identify issues and provide feasible solutions to improve different typologies of services related to this sector.